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Feast or Fast?

Few topics are as emotionally charged as diet and food (unless it's sex or money). In fact, there is so much emotional charge regarding diet, that people sometimes assume an evangelical stance. Throughout the years, in different states of health and as the availability of clean foods has changed, I have learned to be flexible about food.

It's important to remember that people are unique and have different systems. Also, what's helpful for someone at one stage of their life might not be useful for that same person during a different stage.

The following articles all have unique viewpoints
—mine! But YOU are in charge of YOUR life. Ultimately, the decision about what is best for you is YOURS to make, and yours alone.

Stealthy Health

The Great Vegetarian Debate (it's not what you think!)

Various Veggie Diets


See The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy
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The Table of Contents/Chapter Outline
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that are discussed in Chapter 3
of the book.


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