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How To Make
a Foot Detox Bath for $10


Compiled by Nenah Sylver, PhD


This information is derived from a variety of sources.
Article is in public domain and
may be distributed freely in its entirety.



You know the footbath apparatuses that have been making the rounds? They are marketed in all shapes with various bells and whistles, but their construction is essentially the same, and simple: They consist of a chamber that holds salted water and is large enough to place two feet, and a pair of electrodes, one positively charged and the other negatively charged. There are many claims that these pull toxins out through the feet. Aficionados report feeling better and swear by these gadgets, while detractors point out that often the color of the water changes after the electrodes are turned on without there even being feet in the bucket!

It’s true that many of these machines are poorly made—the electrodes become rusty, which then turns the water colors of course—and grossly overpriced, with lots of marketing hype to justify the excessive cost. But the basic premise is sound. Most holistic practitioners agree that pulling out toxins from the body with an electrically charged device is a smart, and non-invasive, thing to do. The trick, however, to an effective footbath is to have two separate tubs for your feet, with one electrode in each tub.

Most holistic authorities agree that toxins have a positive charge, and that positively-charged toxins are attracted to a negatively-charged electrode. In this footbath setup, users find that if the water does turn colors, generally the negatively-charged side becomes much more discolored than the positively-charged side.


You can make your own effective apparatus for about $10 with simple parts bought from a basic electronics store and/or hardware store. Get the following:

  • Two shallow plastic buckets or bins large enough to hold a single foot. Make sure they are plastic so you don’t electrocute yourself.

  • Filtered or distilled water.

  • Celtic or sea salt.

  • Two stainless steel spoons.

  • One 9-volt battery.

  • Two "alligator" clips of different colors. One wire will be connected to the positive side of the battery for the left foot, and the other wire will be connected to the negative side of the battery for the right foot (see photo on next page). the United States, it’s customary to use black and red, but any two colors can be used. The color of the wire doesn’t matter as long as you dedicate one alligator clip wire to the positive side of the battery (and left foot) and the other alligator clip wire to the negative side of the battery (and right foot).



Put about 3 inches of filtered or distilled water into each bucket.

Salt. Mineral salts enable water to conduct electricity more easily. If you use distilled water, add a half a teaspoon or a teaspoon of Celtic, Dead Sea, or plain salt from the health food store into each side and stir. If you are very sensitive, you’ll need just a pinch of salt. If the water already contains a fair amount of minerals, you won’t need to add salt. (At first, you may feel areas of your feet—especially the top or instep—sting and itch a bit, but this is normal. If you are too uncomfortable, reduce the amount of salt in the water as well as time in the footbath, and build up to longer time periods.)

Wiring the Spoons. Attach the RED alligator clip to the bowl of the LEFT-hand spoon and attach the BLACK clip to the bowl of the RIGHT-hand spoon. Then place the spoons in the plastic bins. (We are assuming that the wires are red and black, but you can use any color wires as long as the POSITIVE terminal is for the LEFT foot and the NEGATIVE terminal is for the RIGHT foot.) You may bend the spoons so the bowl of the spoon protrudes out of the water more, allowing the stem of the spoon to lie flatter on the bottom of the plastic bin.

Wiring the Battery. On the 9-volt battery:


  Attach the other end of the RED clip to positive (+) terminal.    
  Attach the other end of the BLACK clip to negative (-) terminal.  
      Your footbath is now charging and ready to use.



The Footbath. Put one bare foot in each tub.
   The RIGHT foot goes in the BLACK (negative) side.
LEFT foot goes in the RED (positive) side.


Some people whose bodies are very toxified only do 1-5 minutes at first, gradually increasing time to 30 or even 60 minutes. Do the footbath at least once a day. The water in the left side may change color slightly as toxins are released from the body through the foot.


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