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The Rife Handbook


Sometimes people who haven’t read my work ask me questions that my books cover in depth. Therefore, unless there’s a genuine emergency, I will accept as clients only those who have read the relevant portions of my books before the consultation.  (The Rife Handbook and Sauna book can be purchased online at, or call 845-255-2635 EST.) When we speak, please have the relevant written material in front of you so you can refer to it.

Note that I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose, read blood/laboratory tests, prescribe, or treat. Nor do I provide instruction on how to operate frequency devices. If you need help running your machine, please read your operator’s manual and consult the person who sold you your equipment.

For in-person consultations: I do not see people who use fabric softener and scented detergents, or who wear perfume.


Please email me for my rates and details about my educational consultations and energy therapy sessions.

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