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Dr. Sylver has been interviewed often
by Patrick Timpone on the One Radio Network,
in her capacity as an internationally known
educator and author in the fields of health
and electromedicine. In these broadcasts,
Dr. Sylver discusses frequency/Rife therapies,
complementary protocols, medical politics,
the need for people to empower themselves
with the healing protocols of their choice—and
The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy.

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  available as a Hardcover
and as a Windows




Interview on April 23, 2009, Duration 1:11:08
- Download MP3 Podcast

Interview on March 11, 2010, Duration 1:33:40  
-  Download MP3 Podcast

Interview on August 5, 2010, Duration 1:58:07
- Download MP3 Podcast

Interview on January 27, 2011, Duration 1:51:36  
- Download MP3 Podcast

       available as a Hardcover
   and as a Windows




Thanks to Patrick
for allowing these interviews
to be on this website.

To learn more about Patrick's radio show, visit his website:

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