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for both laypersons and health care providers
will set you up with a solid foundation in
not only Rife Therapy, but also
Holistic Health.

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Here are just a few highlights from Dr. Sylver's seminars:


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to her seminars as the need arises.


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including in Korea and Mexico.

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About the Workshop

Royal Rife’s Therapy. Imagine what your life would be like if you could eliminate illness painlessly and safely, without poisonous drugs or invasive surgery. You would need only a day or two for a mild problem like a cold, and perhaps six months to a year for serious illnesses such as cancer. Science fiction? Not at all. In the 1930s, Nebraska-born scientist Royal Raymond Rife invented an electronic device that cured cancer, E. coli infections, tuberculosis, staph, strep, anthrax, and other ailments. Like the cliché of the soprano who shatters a glass with her pure focused tone, Rife’s ray device—which was totally in harmony with the body—used frequency to disable or kill dangerous microbes. Many of these frequencies also had the beneficial effect of supporting cell and tissue function.     

Dr. Rife’s inventions and medical triumphs were reported in many publications, including the San Diego Tribune, Scientific American, Journal of the Franklin Institute, the Mayo Clinic minutes, and a Smithsonian Institution report. For decades, many of the era’s most respected and prestigious doctors successfully used Rife’s beam ray devices to treat many types of illnesses, in the United States and overseas.
If Rife’s frequency treatments were so effective, why hasn’t everyone heard about them? Do any of his inventions still exist? And is there any way to use Rife technology today?

Workshop. With the aid of a multi-faceted slide presentation that includes historical and scientific photos, Dr. Sylver will discuss the history of Rife and his inventions; pleomorphism (the many life cycles of a microbe); the effects of environment, bodily terrain, emotions, and microbial toxins on illness; differences between holistic therapies and allopathic (Western) medicine, including how to differentiate a healing (Herxheimer) response from a disease crisis; and healing with food. She will also explore the electromagnetic spectrum in depth: therapies using electricity and magnetism; what frequencies are and how they can heal; unique properties of the visible light, far infrared, and other wavelengths; sound healing; and the differences between frequencies that kill microbes and regeneration cells and tissues.

Far infrared radiation (FIR) as it relates to sauna therapy will also be reviewed, as detoxification is vital to any health protocol. (See The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy by Dr. Sylver.) We will also explore other Rife-compatible modalities, such as colloidal silver and ozone.

In the "hands-on" portion of the seminar, Nenah will show you how to integrate Rife sessions into a well-rounded holistic protocol. You will see at least one frequency device in operation, learn how to tell which unit is right for you, and receive guidelines for using the equipment. And you will learn how to select suitable frequencies, using Nenah’s 768-page, updated 2011 edition of The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy as a guide (available for purchase). The Rife Handbook is acclaimed worldwide by health professionals and laypersons—not only as the definitive work on Rife therapy, but also as the quintessential primer on electromedicine and complementary health.

Participants. Everyone is welcome, both laypersons and practitioners. No prior study or experience is needed. This workshop is carefully structured so that by the end, you will understand the science, acquire practical skill to help you take responsibility for your own health, and enhance what you already know. It is expected that you’ll be able to use Rife therapy with confidence—for yourself, family, friends, pets, and livestock. Participants will receive handouts on the history and preparation of colloidal silver, and Rife-related websites and devices.    

Caution: Not everyone can use Rife technology! As with any wellness modality, some people are better suited to Rife sessions than others. Rife therapy is either contraindicated completely, may be used on a limited or carefully supervised basis, or may be undertaken using certain types of frequency devices only, if: you have a heart condition, you are wearing a pacemaker or implant, you are pregnant or nursing, or you are very sensitive to electrical current or electromagnetic fields. This is explained fully in The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy. Each seminar attendee accepts complete responsibility for any and all consequences of his or her experiments with Rife technology, and agrees not to hold Dr. Sylver or the seminar sponsor(s) liable for any effects thought to result from the use of Rife equipment, or from being near the equipment while it is in operation.
Disclaimer: This seminar is solely for educational and investigative purposes. It does not replace treatment from a qualified healthcare practitioner. Nenah Sylver is an educator, author, and lifestyle consultant. She is not a medical doctor; does not diagnose, treat or prescribe; and does not sell any Rife equipment.


About Nenah Sylver, PhD

  • Received her doctorate in 1966 from The Union Institute in Transformational Psychology, a blend of Reichian (body-mind) psychology, holistic health and gender studies.

  • Has over 20 years experience as a Reichian psychotherapist in private practice. In addition to training in Psych-K, EFT, and Eidetic Imagery Facilitation (designed to positively affect DNA), she is certified in VoiceBio (analyzing the voice and conveying frequencies through sound), and as a Tennant Biomodulator practitioner.  

  • Is an internationally published writer on holistic health and the natural sciences. Her work has appeared in magazines, anthologies, and textbooks since 1984. Her books include The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy (2011) and The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy (2004).

  • Is a speaker on Rife technology and various wellness topics at conferences and on the radio.


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The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health

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