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How I Remove Mold Toxins from My Body

About 25% of the population cannot remove the mycotoxins from mold out of their system. The immune cells are unable to tag the toxins for removal, so rather than being excreted, the toxins build up in the system and cause huge problems, often mimicking other illnesses. So, even if the person removes the mold (or withdraws from the source of the mold), s/he doesn’t get better.

Because some of you have asked and this condition is so pervasive and nasty, I am getting this information up on my website right away, without adornment or nice graphics. This is what I do to remove mold toxins. It involves a few electromedical devices (because that's my specialty and it’s what I'm familiar with), as well as different supplements to remove mold. You can certainly use just the supplements, but the protocol will work better with the electromedical devices. Even if it’s just the footbath (which you can make yourself for ten bucks—see below), you’ll be giving yourself a head start.

1 a) Magnetex (
To pull out toxins from the cells, and wow does this work well. I tested this for many months and am convinced that it’s one of the most powerful devices out there.

1 b) Directly before or after the Magnetex session (or even without the Magnetex).
   a) 2-3 tsp powdered Zeolite
   b) 1 gram Vitamin C
   c) 3 capsules Protease
   d) 1 - 3 tsp Activated Charcoal in 8 ounces of water, followed by another full glass of water (otherwise, constipation may result)
   e) 1 TBS broken cell wall Chlorella (note that according to one well-known naturopath, too little Chlorella may recirculate the toxins)

2) Herbal formulas. These are both made by Dr. Richard Loyd, but with a lot of extra work you can probably make them yourself. I would simply purchase them from Dr. Loyd, since his formulas are reasonably priced and powerful. I do not have the ratio of the ingredients, so please don’t write and ask me. You can order his supplements here:  Click on the link, "Join our Private Membership Association."  However, if you have the time:

Nano TCM
   a) Olive Leaf Extract
   b) Terminalia Chebula
   c) Dandelion Root
   d) Hydrangea Root
   e) Cat’s Claw
   f) Molybdenum (mineral), tiny mcg amounts only

Phase II Detox
   a) Burbur
   b) Milk Thistle
   c) Bacopa
   d) Ashwagandha
   e) Dandelion Leaf

Cholestepure or Cholestepure Plus, 3 capsules
(made by Pure Encapsulations). These two formulas are taken with the above herbs. The formula taken depends on which one muscle tests the best. Note that Cholestepure draws impurities out of the bile, and bile is activated by having a little fat in your stomach—so even eating a little cod liver oil, or coconut oil or olive oil, will help the process. Dr. Loyd has a Metal Release formula as well that I take with the above.

Note that you need something to pull out the toxins from the cells. Most of the supplements I named work great for catching stuff that's already coursing through the bloodstream. But the herbal formulas will work very well to pull stuff out. This herbal and supplement protocol works well with the footbath; see below.

4) Footbath. See plans to construct your own footbath for $10 on this website here: It works much better than all the commercial ones out there because the feet are in two separate tubs.

5) Rife Therapy. If you have a frequency device, use frequencies for chemical poisoning. Also—very important!—use 40,000 Hz (doesn't remove toxins but restores cellular function, and can be left on all day depending on need and desire).

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