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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


1) Total Health Show: April 5-7, 2013
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All-Day Workshop:


The Toronto Dowsers

Rife Therapy
an Electromedicine Modality
that Heals, Using Frequencies

with Nenah Sylver, PhD

In the 1930s, some of the most prestigious doctors and scientists used frequency technology invented by United States scientist Royal Raymond Rife to cure cancer, polio, Streptococcus, tuberculosis, typhoid, and other diseases—without poisonous drugs or invasive surgery! Rife’s amazing microbe-destroying technology was painless, inexpensive, and completely safe. It soon became world renown.
   If this method was so effective, why hasn’t everybody heard about it? How did this frequency technology work? And how can we use it today?


Using slides of historical movie footage, photos, diagrams and charts, Dr. Sylver will explore:

Rife, his remarkable inventions, and other electromedical devices throughout history.

The relationship of cell electrons, pH, inflammation and oxygen to bodily terrain, illness and rifing.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum demystified. Beneficial wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. What is meant by "frequency" and other terms? FIR, LEDs/lasers, sound, color and light.

 How frequencies work: principles behind microbe-killing and regenerative frequencies. Rifing for cancers, infections, degenerative conditions, more. Special needs of people with Lyme.

What is a "rife machine" and how does it work? Finding a good unit and reliable manufacturer.

Who may use a frequency device and who should not. How to minimize Herx (die-off) response.   

How to give yourself, your child or pet a Rife session. Includes frequency selection.

How to incorporate Rife Therapy into a well-rounded holistic health protocol; working with your doctor.

In this experiential workshop, you will practice a session from start to finish. Includes body condition analysis, frequency selection, and troubleshooting problem areas. At least one frequency device will be demonstrated.


1-Day Workshop  
 Saturday, April 13, 2013  9:45am – 6:45pm

LOCATION: The Mount Pleasant Library, 599 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto.

COST: Toronto Dowsers Members $150; Non-Members $175. Checks are payable to MARILYN GANG.  Nenah Sylver’s Rife and Sauna Therapy books will also be available for purchase.

Advance registration will ensure your place. Contact the Toronto Dowsers to reserve your seat in this rare Toronto workshop.



This educational seminar is for information and investigative purposes only. It is not to be construed as prevention, diagnosis or treatment of disease, or as a replacement for consulting a qualified health care practitioner. Nenah Sylver is an educator and author, and does not sell Rife Technology devices. However, you will be advised of several sources of equipment.

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