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Win 98/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7
Adobe PDF reader


How To Use
Your Secure-eBook

The following instructions will help you get full use out of your new Secure-eBook, once the eBook is fully activated and has been started on your Windows PC.

In general, using a secure eBook is the same as using Acrobat Reader, except that some features are missing or deactivated for security reasons.


  • Printing: You may print your eBook as always.

  • Saving: Although the button appears active, the eBook cannot save the document to a PDF file.

  • Emailing: The documents cannot be attached to an email in PDF format. However, you are encouraged to email the link to the zip or exe file to your friends and colleagues. They will see the sample version, with a limited number of pages, until they buy a license.

  • Selecting Text: This works as usual. You can mark text, copy it, and paste it into another applications.

  • Find: This is a great working feature. You can very quickly find any term in the eBook.

  • Pages: By clicking the Pages icon, the eBook will display thumbnails of the pages. This can be used to find pages visually.

  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks allow you to find the chapters and sections quickly and easily. Your eBook has been prepared with an extensive list of bookmarks that you simply click, and you will be taken to the respective page.

  • Search: The Search function is a way to search your eBook with specific terms. Simply click on the binoculars.

  • Switching eBooks: When you first start your eBook, The Rife Handbook will be displayed. In order to see the Sauna Therapy eBook, click on the eBook menu, and then click on "2) The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy." The eBook software will then restart and display the Sauna Handbook instead.

Support is FREE and comes with each purchase.


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