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The Rife Handbook
of Frequency Therapy
and Holistic Health

(2011 Revised Edition)

by Nenah Sylver, PhD

The first edition of this book sold in over 30 countries. Completely revised, updated and expanded, this version includes recent discoveries about how Royal Rife’s original equipment worked, new disease and frequency listings, a detailed index, and additional easy-to-follow complementary healing protocols. This is the most comprehensive and versatile resource available anywhere on electromedicine and holistic health.


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Applying electricity to treat illness is an old science. The Egyptians utilized electric eels centuries ago. Acupuncture discussed in The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine Classic dates to 200 BCE. In modern times, Georges Lakhovsky used electricity for his Multi-Wave Oscillator (created with the assistance of Nikola Tesla and patented in 1934). The efforts of Royal Rife are much better known. However, the saga of Rife technology reads like a mystery novel with intrigue, misinformation and hiding of information, theft, lawsuits, character assassination, and governmental abuse. Now comes Dr. Sylver with a clear explanation of Rife technology in an easily readable and scholarly treatise. Finally the mystery is solved, and we can put Rife technology into a more usable context for the purpose it was intended—the healing of the sick.

—Jerry Tennant, MD, NMD, AAO, SOPS
inventor of multiple surgical instruments,
intraocular lenses and the Tennant Biomodulator®,
and author of A Lens for All Seasons,
A Primer of Cataract Surgery, and Healing is Voltage

It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally I read a massive book on natural health and healing that just plain blows me away. Dr. Nenah Sylver’s huge and impressive Rife Handbook is more than merely the best and most complete compendium on frequency healing that I’ve ever seen. In addition to a massive cross-referenced Frequency Directory for most human ailments, this wonderful book also features detailed, helpful, and ground-breaking information on complementary therapies—and much, much more.

—Chet Day
Health & Beyond Online,

Dr. Nenah Sylver has brought together the sciences of bioelectronics and naturopathic health care in a truly integrated approach. The Rife Handbook is the bible of holistic medicine for the 21st century.

—Brian McInturff,
creator of the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL),

[Nenah says] Thank you
for your kind words, Paul.
In addition to the material on
Rife and other holistic therapies,
you might especially like to read
part of my personal philosophy,
as found in
Chapter 6 of
The Rife Handbook

Royal Raymond Rife discovered one of the most groundbreaking medical tools of the last hundred years. Due to political and financial interests, his discoveries were driven underground. But today, people suffering from cancer and other diseases can base their treatment on authentic science instead of politics. A scientist in the true definition of the word, Dr. Sylver methodically guides readers through Royal Rife’s life, work and achievements, with a history of the technology and the scientific foundation for its use. She also provides practical tips that can be easily integrated into a comprehensive holistic treatment program for a wide variety of health conditions. Nenah Sylver is the “researcher’s researcher”; I habitually turn to her work as a trusted reference. I recommend The Rife Handbook without reservation to every health seeker, patient, physician, and scientist who values objectivity and innovation in medicine and wants guidance on complementary methods of healing.

—Bryan Rosner
author, Lyme Disease and Rife Machines
and The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments

With Dr. Nenah Sylver’s first edition, there was an impressive collection of long-suppressed information vital to anyone desiring to break away from the self-serving deceits employed by conventional (allopathic) medical care and the pharmaceutical industry. With this new volume, Dr. Sylver demonstrates her mastery of this complicated field with massive amounts of hands-on information that you must learn if you are to finally be well. Dr. Sylver courageously demonstrates how each of us has the power to take charge of our own lives and create our own wellness protocols, without abdicating responsibility to anyone or anything else. The Rife Handbook is destined to become the definitive reference on attaining self-directed, holistic health.

—S. Nathan Berger, DDS, PC
Rife researcher and biological dentist


We work in the area of complementary and holistic cancer healing education and recommend Rife technology to all our clients. The Rife Handbook is a bible in our office, an invaluable tool toward the healing of dozens of cancer victors. Nenah Sylver's research is thorough and detailed. The book sits on a prominent place on my shelf next to every frequently used manual in my practice.

—Ellyn Hilliard, CNC, PhD
co-owner of
Health Sanctuary Colorado in Boulder,
a holistic healing retreat
for people facing life-threatening illness


It is with great pride and honor that I recommend The Rife Handbook. Dr. Nenah Sylver is an author who is sure to inspire and educate those fortunate enough to hold a copy of her book in their hands. Without question, she will be included as one of the great minds of the 21st century. Her accomplishments in the field of energy medicine come at a most crucial time in the bourgeoning field of alternative and complementary health care.

As a scientist with 40 years of clinical and academic experience, I am mesmerized by Dr. Sylver’s quality of writing and knowledge. She is able to explain the most difficult topics clearly so anyone can understand and benefit from what she has to offer. This latest book is incredibly well written and comprehensive. It is relevant to students and practitioners alike, and covers an array of topics that blend together to form a synchronized field of thought. Having read scores of books on electromedicine, l count this book as my number one reference in the subject. I only wish I had the knowledge presented in these pages many years ago.  


Anyone interested in medicine, holistic health, and complementary therapies will benefit from this book. I recommend The Rife Handbook without hesitation to all physicians and students in the health field.

—John A. Amaro, PhD, DC, LAc, Dipl Med Ac
President, International Academy of Medical Acupuncture
and developer, Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI)™
acupuncture diagnostic instrument


Dr. Nenah Sylver has provided humanity with a magnificent gift: a comprehensive, thoroughly researched guide to holistic health as well as the science and application of the work of a great (but largely unknown) health care pioneer, Royal Raymond Rife. The Rife Handbook can help physicians expand their base of both practical and theoretical knowledge. I highly recommend it for any clinical practice utilizing complementary and energy medicine therapies.

—Robert S. Ivker, DO
co-founder and past president,
American Board of integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM)
and author, Sinus Survival

At a time when health conscious individuals are concerned about drug-resistant infectious diseases, the government’s push for mass inoculations, the over-medication of children, bio-terrorism, and negative side effects of vaccines and drugs, along comes a well-researched, easy-to-read treatise that revives the natural therapy of frequency healing. But this book does more than discuss the genius of its primary proponent, Royal Raymond Rife. It includes a superb explanation of the differences between allopathic and holistic approaches to treating disease. The Rife Handbook is sophisticated enough for the seasoned health professional, yet thorough and understandable enough for the novice. Even if the reader does not (yet) own a frequency device, this Handbook is one of the best primers I have ever seen on holistic health. Anyone interested in alternative healing protocols must have this book.

—Rose Marie Williams, MA
Townsend Letter columnist,
and natural health and environmental advocate



Well written material on Dr. Royal Rife is scarce, and resonant frequency therapies are essentially unknown to the populace as a whole. Yet hundreds of thousands of people, from the skilled professional to the layperson, are using such devices with phenomenal success in the treatment of disease. Dr. Rife’s innovative technological discoveries involve many different scientific disciplines, as well as groundbreaking research in optical physics, electronics and the electronic treatment of disease. Rife’s legacy upsets the present scientific paradigm, but will eventually reshape our world. Nenah Sylver’s book will do much to dispel the clouds of ignorance of the genius of Dr. Rife, and help open the minds of people to what is now a worldwide technological shift. This Rife Handbook is long overdue.

—James E. Bare, DC
chiropractor and inventor
of the patented Bare-Rife frequency therapy device

This is a well-written book, packed with practical information that even the neophyte user of Rife technology can apply easily. Dr. Sylver’s book is a valuable contribution to the growing collection of Rife literature and will be a most beneficial addition to anyone’s holistic health library.

—Jason Ringas
Rife Research Group of Canada


This meticulously researched book examining the discoveries and inventions of Royal Raymond Rife provides new and ample documentation to lend credence to his theories. Dr. Sylver also includes a fascinating compilation of cutting edge data on a variety of wellness issues, brilliantly interpreted. It is rewarding to see a new generation of health professionals postulating what I have been saying for four decades. If you are interested in exploring Rife frequencies as an alternative source, or in acquiring new information to help with decisions about your health, this book will be a valuable addition to your library.

—Phyllis A. Balch, CNC
author, Prescription for Herbal Healing,
Prescription for Dietary Wellness,
and Prescription for Nutritional Healing

Dr. Sylver’s direct style is a prophetic voice for the medicine of the future. Her timely book comes amidst the rise of consumer-driven health care in America: patients are demanding more than chemistry can offer. There is wide consensus that health is more than the absence of disease, and that illness is more than the miscarriage of biochemical processes. Nearly a half century after Nobel laureate Albert Saint-Gyorgyi first called our attention to its necessity, we may finally see a shift to incorporate the findings of quantum mechanics into biology and medicine. As Robert Becker discovered, these disciplines blend nicely together in the same laboratory, and hold great promise for the clinic. Nenah Sylver provides a well-organized history of Dr. Rife’s work and a seminal guidebook for the modern application of his discoveries. This significant volume will encourage lively and informed discussion regarding the implications of bioelectromagnetic energies for human wellness.

—Joel P. Carmichael, DC, DACBSP
President, North American Academy of Energy Medicine


It is an honor to endorse The Rife Handbook. It is a book that is intelligent, well-researched, and politically courageous in a corrupt time. Tomorrow will bring sweeping changes and justice to those who committed some of the medical crimes described in these pages. Bravo for this work—another sign that a great cleansing of terrible abuses of power is underway. This is a very valuable resource book before the energy medicine hits its full, scientifically-validated stride in the years ahead.

—Barry Lynes
author, The Cancer Cure That Worked
and The Healing of Cancer

The Rife Handbook is a comprehensive, extremely well organized and documented reference—a first-rate educational guide to help physicians and laypersons better understand the concepts of vibrational medicine and the power of complementary health protocols. This holistic “bible” provides an extensive A to Z listing of Rife frequencies, plus invaluable information on the politics of medicine, history of pleomorphism, inventions of Royal Raymond Rife, complementary therapies, frequency devices, product and information resources, and other topics to help one survive the pitfalls of modern medicine. As an author, researcher and international lecturer with over 40 years of clinical experience, I am literally blown away by this incredible masterpiece and give it a definitive five-star rating. Without a doubt, The Rife Handbook will transform the reader into a state of enlightenment. I strongly recommend that this book be incorporated into the curriculum of any medical school, educational institution for chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths or other health professionals, or university that seeks to disseminate science-based information to their students.

—Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM
Past President, Holistic Dental Association



. . . and a special review of the first edition
by a very special man, Dec Twohig (in memoriam)

The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing:
Holistic Technology for Cancer
and Other Diseases

Book Review for the first (paperback) edition
by Dec Twohig,
Rea Centre, London, England

May 2002

Isn’t it strange how the gems of life sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere?


Last week, the youngster who helps out with the administrative chores dropped a gigantic envelope on my desk, largely because it was generically addressed to Rea, and partly because it saved her the task of toting it round the building to find a home. Inside, no note, but a massive doorstopper of a book.

Now ask yourself this: If you wandered through a book store and spotted a volume this large, with a pretty display of wave form patterns on the front cover, under the title THE HANDBOOK OF RIFE FREQUENCY HEALING, would you render a loud ‘hurrah’ and rush to the cash desk bearing the prize? No…you’d probably not give the book a second glance, let alone pick it up and skim it.

But you would be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. You would not only be denying yourself a wealth of knowledge, but also the opportunity to attain optimal wellness. For this book is about health in the most radical way. If you are someone who wants to take power back into your own hands – if you’d prefer not to be at the mercy of ill-informed, patronising and non-communicative medics who are backed by the sinister might of the pharmaceutical industry in their pursuit of power and wealth – then this book applies to you.

There have been many memorable books in my hands over the years, but few which have gripped me as this one does. The author is known to all of you – Dr [Nenah Sylver], who pops up now and again with information packed posts, often on the subject of colloidal silver. This book is not about these topics. It has several levels, including the story of Royal Raymond Rife, his work, and a monumental section on the practical detail of the frequencies involved in the treatment of an encyclopoedia of familiar disease processes.


THE HANDBOOK OF RIFE FREQUENCY HEALING will be a reference work for many years ahead. It will transform your attitudes to health, your own health, and sickness; it will empower you to a level you may not believe possible; and it will shake the blinkers from your eyes. It will teach you how to be healthy; how to eat well for a long, happy and fulfilling life; and it will put the power of knowledge, too often denied the layperson, into your hands and into your mind in a way you can use, day by day, without complexity or expense. This aspect of the book is priceless.

But the book offers far more. You do not need to be an expert to pick this book up and have the content make you breathless and blow your mind. In a sense, there is something for everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, education or culture. Which is why justice cannot be done with a single review post, and why over the next few weeks I would like to come up with a series of posts on the different levels of this wonderful book, with input from other specialised members of the Rea staff.

Moreover, I am going to go a step further – and suggest that this is a book to go out and buy, even if you have to beg, borrow or steal the cost. Almost 20 years ago, [Nenah Sylver] heard of Rife’s frequency therapy and gradually accumulated enough fragments to be able to open the box and see what lay inside. This book represents almost a decade of her life and energy.

Now a little about Rife himself and his therapy. Similar to how a television programme over thirty years ago opened my eyes to the realities of what happens to those who have the courage to speak up for the officially denied, ‘out of bounds’ areas of science, [Nenah's] book tells a towering story of a man whose work would have transformed the world of medicine had the medical and pharmaceutical cartels not destroyed him and erased all records of his work and existence from history.

It is always easier to be wise in hindsight; it is always tempting to postulate what might have happened had the course of events run differently. In the simpler world of the 30’s – a world where many of the diseases that form the scourge of life today were less omnipresent – Rife’s discoveries enabled doctors all over the world to successfully treat patients whose conditions had been pronounced ‘terminal’ or considered impossible to treat by orthodox medicine. Those of you with systemic candidiasis know how difficult and forlorn a journey it is to find effective knowledge and adequate treatment. Those of you suffering from cancer know how protracted, invasive, painful and debilitating orthodox medical treatment can be – and how greatly your integrity and dignity as a human being is compromised by a profession that patronisingly regards the patient almost as a non-being, thus paying only lip service to the concept of a truly therapeutic relationship between physician and patient. Had his discoveries not been ruthlessly buried by the pharmaceutical cartel, Rife’s method might have written a whole new history of success in the treatment of a range of cancers, which, even today, are regarded as a poor prognosis.

And so, encapsulated in this treasure trove, you have a story that will enthral you and enrage you if you have any regard for humanity and seek truths in science and medicine. Rife was a highly educated scientist, one of those geniuses who transcend boundaries and compartmentalisations of how we often limit scientific research to what is considered acceptable or even possible. Unhappy with the technical limitations of the microscopes available in the 1920’s and 30s, Rife designed and built a better microscope that would open up the universe of the microbe to his eyes and mind. He succeeded. His microscope designs were so good that it is fair to say that they have never been duplicated, even in today’s high tech world of electronics and computers. Not only was Rife able to enter the world of the virus particle with astounding clarity and magnification, he could enter the world of the LIVING virus without killing it for examination – something that cannot be done in modern times, since the electron microscope, in order to achieve its high magnification capability, requires the killing of the specimen for examination.

Some of Rife’s surviving instruments can be seen today, including at the Welcome Museum in Euston Road, London. Had Rife’s passion and ingenuity ended with the design of microscopes, his name and reputation would have been immortal, throughout the world of the 21 century. But Rife had also been experimenting with very high frequency radio signals, and went farther to develop a beam ray machine that would deliver specific frequencies. Having discovered the individual frequency of resonance – or mortal oscillatory rate – of individual pathogenic organisms, he was then able to match these specific frequencies with his ray machine and use it to shatter and destroy pathogens in the body, all without recourse to surgery or drugs, and without harming the human host.

As Rife’s technology came to be used across the USA and in Europe, it must have seemed like the dawning of an age in healing, never seen before, dwarfing any other major discovery of the ages. And there lay the crux of the matter: Rife’s machines were relatively non-costly, non-invasive, highly effective – and they totally cut the ground from under the pharmaceutical industry as well as lowered the height of the marble plinth upon which doctors of that era were inclined to place themselves, as remote and godlike figures.

So here you have a sequence – not unfamiliar in the world of science and medicine –  when an outsider encounters establishment cartels and elites. Rife invents a microscope capable of high definition examination of living viruses. He realises that radio frequencies can be used curatively and develops a machine capable of doing this. His invention is acclaimed and widely used, demonstrating that a reliance on drugs and surgery can be lessened. Pharmaceuticals, the American Medical Association and various political bodies join forces to protect their self-interest and destroy Rife, his inventions, and most records of his existence, by any means possible. There is a blank space in history for half a century or more, during which doctors and pharmaceuticals get back to the serious business of power and profit.

(The story of Rife isn’t an isolated one. It’s the sort of event that can be orchestrated and managed so that any memory is quickly quelled, and the public becomes oblivious of what has been done in the shadows of officialdom, unaware of its loss. On a smaller scale, in the UK, there has been mention in the old club of Dr William Kilner of St Thomas’ Hospital. He invented a dye screen that could show the electrical field of the body and be used as a non-invasive diagnostic tool, back in the days when the crude X-ray machines were less effective and far more dangerous than many of the conditions they were used to examine. Kilner’s work was also destroyed and lost until the Dove Project in the late 80’s sought to continue his research. Denied funding and facilities, the project became ineffectual and has been indefinitely postponed. It is too much of a threat to the establishment, and too contrary to accepted theory to be allowed to see the light of day.)

Now I’m going to throw a personal note into what may seem like a paeon of  untrammelled praises. There are points in my reading of [Nenah]’s book where I think, in the areas of mainstream medicine and science, she can be a little too rigid to the point of dismissiveness and throw the baby out with the bathwater. As a young student, I acquired a very combative debating style, and have since come to believe that this may not always be an asset – since there is a fine line between passionate exposition of an idea and aggressive demolition of the other party. There have been times within Rea, when I’ve casually suggested ‘bouncing ideas’, and seen faces blanche and fingers scrambling for Kevlar jackets and protective headgear. This conditioning means that I find quite a bit of [Nenah's] style abrasive to the point of aggressiveness. (She does tell me that no one else has had this reaction.) The point of making what may seem like a derogatory comment about a woman I haven’t met – yet – is that I have learned, maybe better late than never, that sometimes softer words can be more effective and less distracting than an iron bar between the eyes.

Which is not to say that mainstream medicine doesn’t deserve its seedy reputation oftentimes. Many of us who live within the field that’s loosely called alternative medicine (for want of a better blanket term) do feel that medicine and scientific endeavours have lost their way, and become quite deranged. But within this enormous collective of the mad and the bad, those devoted to accumulating unlimited resources, and power freaks who control and manipulate entire governments and industries as well as individual unaware human beings – are dedicated men and women who do not deserve to be painted with the same brush. ([Nenah] also informs me that obviously I have not read Chapter 6 in depth, where she defends some of the very medical professionals she skewers in Chapters 1 and 2.)

This is a personal reaction, and doesn’t detract from the simple fact that [Nenah Sylver] has produced a book that has the potential to touch not only every human being in sickness, but also every human being seeking a higher level of health, happiness and fulfilment in their life. There are thousands and thousands of books published every year. This is one that demands to be read. It deserves to be placed in the forefront of accessibility to every non-professional reader as well as every health care professional. In fact, there is no one who would not benefit from reading this book.

Stay tuned for further posts covering the different sections of this massive book in more depth and detail. Meanwhile: irrespective of your gender and background, buy this book, read this book, be stunned by it and glean from it knowledge that you are unlikely to find almost anywhere else. If you cannot afford it, and no one is willing to make you a gift of it, ask your local library to get it for you. In so doing, you will be helping your local community, because this is one book that is unlikely to be given broadcast reviews in the mainstream media – though if is well promoted in mainstream bookselling, it will be a welcome blessing.


Shortly after he wrote this review,
Dec Twohig died of a stroke.
I send my love to his spirit
and to the staff
of the former Rea Centre in London.






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