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How to Move Your
Secure-eBook to Another PC


"Activating" your Secure-eBook means that you have designated a specific computer to display that eBook. If you bought an eBook for 2 computers, you have designated those 2 computers to display your ebook. If you bought an eBook for 3 computers, you have designated those 3 computers to display your ebook.

People who do lots of work on more than one computer (say, they are busy at home and at work) often want to download the eBooks to more than one computer.

So...If you originally purchased only one activation for a single computer, and now want to view your eBook on one or two more computers, you can increase the number of activations to up to three by contacting eBook Support. Please include the date of purchase, your activation key, and email address. (Note: All activation codes MUST be sent to the SAME email address. So buying three activation codes for you and two friends with different email addresses is NOT allowed.)

Sometimes people want to download the same activation code again, for example if their computer crashes, or if they buy a new computer and want to transfer the activation code onto their new computer. So if you'd like to move current activation from one PC to another (e.g. due to a computer upgrade, transfer to your Notebook, etc.), you must deactivate the license on one computer and reactivate it on another.

Fortunately, this can be done as often as you need and is free of charge. If for some reason you are unable to deactivate your eBook yourself, you can contact us and we can revoke your activation for you.

In order to move your license from one PC to another, please do the following:

1. Make sure you still have a copy of the email sent to you with your activation key.

2. Start the eBook on the computer it is to be removed from

3. Select the Help menu and then "Deactivate eBook..."

4. A window appears on the middle of the screen asking you to confirm the deactivation

5. Click the "Deactivate" button to remove the activation. Your eBook will close and reopen again. Your computer must be connected to the Internet during this procedure.

6. Once your eBook has reopened, you can confirm deactivation by looking for the word "Sample" on the top of the window:

7. You may close your eBook, the activation key has been removed.

8. Go to the computer you wish to transfer your eBook to.

9. Download the eBook from the download link provided in your activation email.

10. Alternatively, go to the order page and download the Sample version WITH THE SAME NUMBER OF ACTIVATIONS as when you originally bought the eBook.

e.g., if you originally purchased the Rife Handbook for use on 1 PC, download that version to your new computer even if you have subsequently ordered additional activations.

11. Once you have downloaded your eBook, open the file as usual. You will see the sample version of the eBook.

12. Click on the eBook menu and then "Activate eBook..."

13. A window appears in the center of the screen, enter your activation key and click on Activate. Your computer must be connected to the Internet during this procedure.

14. The eBook will now reload on your computer and you now have access to the entire eBook.


Tecnical Support is FREE with each purchase.

AFTER you read these eBook Support pages
and still require help,
fill out the Support Form.

You will receive a reply within
one of our business days.

We care about you and want you to benefit
from the information!


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