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timeline of publication
for all editions of

The Rife Handbook


1998 publication (not shown): The Rife Handbook began as a photocopied, yellow-covered, spiral-bound manuscript that was distributed by a frequency device manufacturer. During its distribution run, a four-minute syndicated news program in the US reported about several people who claimed to have eliminated cancer with a strange "sound and light technology." The author, who was mentioned as a contact person for this frequency therapy, soon began receiving phone calls from all over the country. Within six months, she had spoken to over one thousand people who wanted more information. These callers helped Dr. Sylver realize that the desire (and audience) for a safe, effective, non-invasive modality was growingand that a more comprehensive guide to frequency therapy would be needed. Many of the questions she was asked, and the answers she gave, would appear in the FAQ section of Chapter 4 of the next Rife Handbook.


2001 publication: This first professionally printed and bound edition (in which the author spelled her name differently) enjoyed its first public debut at the 2002 Rife Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Only about half the size of the current book, this softcover version was nonetheless very well received, as it filled a growing need for information on frequency therapy and guidance on how to use rife machines. Although helpful, and much appreciated at the time of its publication, this early edition is not recommended today for either the serious researcher or casual readerbecause in just one decade, the technology (and people's understanding of it) has improved so much, that a lot of the information in this softcover edition is obsolete or incomplete. Ironically, used copies of this book have sometimes been seen, selling for up to ten times the cost of the new 2011 edition. While this softcover may have value to some as a "collector's item," in the author's opinion it is far better to own the more advanced books so that optimal use can be made of the frequency technologies.

2001 Softcover, 448 pages.
The Rife Handbook
of Frequency Healing:
Holistic technology for cancer
and other diseases

2009 publication:  Due in part to the continual influx of groundbreaking discoveries from key Rife researchers, the author started revising the 2001 paperback book almost as soon as it was off the press. This 2009 hardcover edition—with almost double the page count of the prior softcover editioncontained much more information, corrected information, vastly improved formatting, and a much better organized thematic structure, with up to four levels of headings and an index. This 2009 edition received worldwide acclaim: one reviewer referred to it as "the bible of holistic medicine for the 21st century," and portions of the book were immediately translated into German and Korean. Soon after its publication, however, brand new research began to surface about how Rife's equipment actually worked, along with lab-tested frequencies for especially virulent health conditions. Since Dr. Sylver wants to see everyone healthy, is a magnet for innovative information, and tends to be a perfectionist, she continued making revisions in order to offer her readers an even more thorough understanding of Rife Therapy. Thus, another rewrite.

2009 Hardcover, 760 pages.
The Rife Handbook
of Frequency Therapy

with a Holistic Health Primer.


2011 publication: This brand new 2011 book—with a slightly different title, The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health—very closely follows its 2009 predecessor in intent, format and content. With some major updates of certain sections, and less obviouis rewrites on nearly every page, this 2011 Rife Handbook is the most up-to-date in subject matter, organization, details and accuracy. Dr. Sylver is quite relieved that at this point, she does not feel an urge to further revise the book! (At least not yet.) Older versions may be found in used bookstores and on the Internet, costing at least as much as (if not more than) this newest publication. However, this website sells only the 2011 edition. The 2011 front cover and spine look similar to the 2009 front cover and spine, except for the addition of a golden starburst containing the words "Revised 2011 Edition" in purple letters.

2011 Hardcover, 768 pages.
The Rife Handbook
of Frequency Therapy
and Holistic Health
NEW, in print.



some major improvements
revised 2011 edition of


The Rife Handbook


Entire Book, General.

More pages. Typos and grammatical errors have been corrected.


Chapter 1.                     

Updated thoughts on the rabies vaccine. Discusses the history of medicine, differences between allopathic and holistic approaches, how synthesized drugs suppress the body’s natural function, how the FDA and drug industry conceal negative drug test results, how double-blind studies are unscientific and unethical, drug-related causes of teen violence, and the dangers of various drugs and vaccines.


Chapter 2.

Updated information on how Royal Rife’s resonance therapy and original equipment actually worked. The lawsuit against the Beam Rays Corporation. Corrections of factual errors about some of Rife’s case studies. Newly discovered interviews with some of Rife’s colleagues, including  Ben Hubbard. How John Marsh and John Crane were entrapped and subsequently arrested. Rife’s dilemma of being unable to patent his equipment from a legal standpoint. New photo of original Beam Rays Corporation equipment. Addresses the life cycles of a microbe (pleomorphism), why germs alone do not cause disease, and how emotional and mental states change DNA.

Chapter 3.

This chapter is devoted to complementary therapies to use with Rife therapy, including ozone, bodywork, colloidal/ionic silver, sauna detox, color, light, and information on clean food. Among other modalities, it contains new, updated information on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Colloidal Silver.


Chapter 4.

Explains how to select a unit, who can safely use this therapy, how to give a Rife session to yourself (or family, friends  or pets), and tips for optimal sessions. This chapter also contains additional FAQs about Rife Therapy and equipment, and updated information on how modern frequency devices work, including a more in-depth explanation of scalar waves and duty cycle. There are additional protocols on how to treat Lyme Disease. Expanded and greater in-depth explanation in the additional section, "How To Give Yourself a Rife Session."

Many people use this therapy with their pets,
livestock, zoo animals, and even racehorses.
Above: Racehorse in Edmundton, Canada,
being treated with the PERL from Resonant Light.
She is trying to get as close to the machine as possible.
She became well, and went on to win many races.


Chapter 5.

More listings of disease conditions to reflect our increasingly complex, disease-ridden world, along with some new frequencies and complementary treatment protocols for certain health problems, including Morgellons. More information on cancer treatment protocols as well as more accurate frequencies for treating cancer. Corrections on Rife’s original frequencies (as verified by his lab notes). The 204 pages of this chapter offers cross-referenced Frequency Directory lists frequencies for cancer, Crohn’s and other digestive disorders, Lyme, HIV, Morgellon’s, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders, Mycoplasma, parasites, respiratory infections, retroviruses, healing/regeneration, Candida, much more.

Chapter 6.

A few minor changes made regarding historical data.

Appendix A (Resource Appendix).

Additional listings, including a unique new live-plant-based air purification unit, personal care products, and frequency and other electromedical devices. Updated information on the most reliable electromedical and frequency devices, and where to obtain them.

Appendix B (Legal Implications of Rife Sessions).

A few minor changes made regarding legal options.

Appendix C (Healing With Electromedicine and Sound Therapies).

Brief but important changes in explanations of how various therapies work, including a reconfiguring of all diagrams.

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An extra Appendix D.

"Selected Published Studies in Electromedicine," featuring clinical studies since 1968 published in respected medical journals from all over the world on the use of frequencies, EM fields, microcurrent, and pulsed  magnetic fields to treat diseases and degenerative conditions (along with, in some cases, which frequencies were used).


An extra Appendix E.

"Rife Research in the United States," with newly released photos of human leukemia cells disabled by the Bare-Rife device.



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