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Environmental Pollution
(Chemical Poisoning)


When people hear the phrase "environmental pollution," they typically think of dirty air and water, and perhaps contaminated soil. Our homes contain harmful chemicals as well. The increase in toxic chemicals escalated during World War II, when companies manufactured huge amounts of chemicals for use on the battlefield. After the war ended, industry needed a place to dump its poisons, so a need was created for the chemicals. They now glut the market in the form of cleaning products, foods, medicines, and other items.

Since 1950, most of the new chemicals that have been introduced into the marketplace (many of them byproducts of the petrochemical industry) have never been tested for long-term or even short-term safety. Some chemicals migrate to organs and glands, while others remain trapped in the fatty tissue. The body cannot excrete these toxins because it was never designed to metabolize them. Unable to smoothly perform routine life processes, the body is forced to cannibalize its own nutrients so that it can remain in some sort of balance. Muscle tissue might be broken down for the vital amino acids used to support liver function. Or calcium is leeched from the bones to make it available for metabolic processes. These crisis activities further debilitate the system and increase the person’s vulnerability to disease. As more poisons are absorbed, severe sensitivities and chronic, often debilitating diseases develop. The process is so gradual, most people never realize what made them sick. Men and women who work in factories and around machinery, and people (read: women) who spend time in the home cleaning are particularly susceptible to being poisoned by noxious chemicals.

Our labeling laws do not adequately protect women and children. The Environmental Protection Agency permits "allowable" limits of thousands of chemicals in our food, medicines and other products—even though the EPA itself admits that residues of sixty allowable pesticides on thirty foods that might be eaten in one day would result in about 64,000 additional cases of cancer per year. Also, the legal amounts of "allowable" poisons are measured for a so-called adult, which in legal terms means a 185-pound male. Women, who are generally smaller than men, and children, whose immune function is not developed at all, are out of luck with this ridiculous and sexist standard.


Specific Related Health Condition

  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, also known as Environmental Illness. The majority of people with MCS are women. MCS sufferers react negatively to all kinds of environmental pollutants and chemicals: perfume, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, fabric softener, cleaning fluids and powders, gasoline. The list of irritants is endless, as are the symptoms they create: headaches, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing, rashes, joint pain, swelling, flue-like symptoms, blurry vision, depression. (Who wouldn’t be depressed with symptoms like these?) Some women are so ill they are confined to their beds. If they are ambulatory enough to leave their house, they must wear gas masks.

  • Restorative Strategies: Virtually every system of the body is affected by chemical toxicity. Since this condition is so complex, see a holistic health practitioner who specializes in MCS, and avoid chemical contaminants as much as possible. Treatment requires major lifestyle changes, dietary corrections, lots of extra supplements of many kinds, plenty of rest, and emotional support.


  • Multiple Sclerosis. This condition involves degeneration of the myelin, the fatty coating on the nerves. When the myelin breaks down, lesions can form on the nerve tissue, resulting in incomplete or scrambled messages through the nervous system. MS commonly causes fatigue, loss of muscular coordination, numbness, pain, and even incontinence and blindness. Evidence exists that MS is a multi-faceted, genetically inherited disability that can involve a virus, an inability to process fats, and chemical pollutants.

  • Restorative Strategies: This illness is far too complex to be dealt with in this article. Virtually every system of the body is affected by chemical toxicity. See a holistic health practitioner who specializes in MS; and try to avoid chemical contaminants as much as possible.

  • Allergies, Skin Conditions, Learning Disabilities, Respiratory Ailments including Asthma, Cancers, Birth Defects. When you realize that the catch-all term "pollution" refers to poisons, this wide range of symptom pictures makes sense. The FDA and EPA allow known carcinogens to be put into our food, water, and products we use in everyday living.

  • Restorative Strategies: Consult a qualified health care provider who is versed in your particular condition and respects the affects that foreign chemicals have on living organisms.



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