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How To Download
Your Secure-eBook

Thank you for your purchase! You may now download and activate the Secure-eBook.

This page gives instructions on how to download your Secure-eBook onto your Windows computer (PC Desktop or Laptop). Activation is discussed on the next page.


1. After purchasing your Secure-eBook, you will be directed to the download page for your product. Or, you can simply click on the download link provided in the email sent to you with your activation key.

2. Now that you are on the download page, look for the download links that correspond to the Secure-eBook and the licenses you have purchased.  

You will notice that you have two options for download, the "EXE" version and the "ZIP" version.  We recommend the "EXE" version because it is easier.  It installs right away and there is no extraction of the file involved as there is with the "ZIP" version.  The "ZIP" version is provided in the event there are any error messages or firewall warnings during install of the "EXE" version.

  Nenah Sylver's Rife Handbook and Sauna Therapy eBooks (native exe version, 41MB)

  Nenah Sylver's Rife Handbook and Sauna Therapy eBooks (zip archived version, 41MB)

3.  Please note that in the event you have any technical issues during this process, you may contact eBook Support for assistance.  We will respond within one of our business days (EST). Keep in mind that Support is in the United States, so please make allowances for time differences.

4.  Go to your download page as referenced in your emailed receipt or go to the following link to download the version that you purchased.

Download your Secure eBook here

If you have ordered an Upgrade and have been directed to this page, please go to this page to download your Secure eBook:  

Download your Upgrade here

Support is FREE and comes with each purchase.


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