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Win 98/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7
Adobe PDF reader


How To Activate
Your Secure-eBook

1. Once you have downloaded your Secure-eBook, you may run the program. It will begin the installation process. If you downloaded the "ZIP" file, you will need to extract the file and the run the program.

2.  Once the eBook is installed, you need to activate the eBook by selecting "eBook" in the top menu and then selecting "Activate." Below is an example of what it looks like:

3.  Go to your order confirmation email and copy the activation key. In the email it looks like this:

In order to access your product, you will need the following Activation Key:

4. Paste the activation key into the dialog box as shown below and click "Activate":

5. The eBook will load and you can read it in its entirety. You only need to do this once per computer.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may transfer your eBook from your current computer to another computer by simply "deactivating" the software. The deactivation option is found under the "Help" section in the top menu of the eBook itself.  Once your eBook is deactivated, you may download again at the page found in your order confirmation email. Simply activate the eBook on the new computer using your activation key that is in your order confirmation email and it will work.

Please note that this system will only work on Windows based computers.

Support is FREE and comes with each purchase.


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